Promoting your dental practice

Dentists need to promote their practices like every other company. Since dentists offer local companies, all their marketing should be focused on the local marketplace. The goal of dental marketing is to attract a possible patient’s attention, construct her curiosity and desire to utilize the dental service and, finally, prompt her to take actions. Decide how much you would like to spend every month on advertising. Allocate your marketing costs among various kinds of marketing, including print or paper, TV and even Internet ads. Select which types of individuals you will target in your marketing, according to 

Target individuals who need routine examinations, but additionally, promote certain specialties of the dental practice. Direct your tooth whitening services, for instance, toward middle-aged people or smokers. Get the data card or promotion rates from various marketing sources. Start by getting recommendations from current patients, even before many ads come out. Offer your patients discount rates commensurate with the number of individuals whom they refer. Keep your referral system running. Post the recommendation bonus plan on the wall near the check-in window. Include referral page with the documents that new individuals fill in on their first visits. Have a Web designer create an internet site for your dental practice. 

Ways to improve a dental practice marketing

Include your website URL on your company card and all advertising pieces.

Study dental advertisements in the local yellow pages. Put an advertisement that’s similar in size to some of your primary opponents, as prospective patients will frequently refer to the yellow pages when in the search for a dentist. Place an on-line yellow pages ad throughout your yellow pages, too, since individuals also search on the internet for local dentists. Place ads in direct email journals or similar publications which are mailed to people’s houses. Create a booklet about your dental practice. Also, include your website URL on the brochure. Get the names and addresses of new residents in the city from your local county administration office. Mail brochures to these new residents. 

We really hope that this tips serve you well, here at Clewiston Dentistry we are doing it really well with our marketing system.